Once a month we have a special activity after our Sunday evening service.  This activity is a special time that allows fellowship and encourages faithful attendance under the preaching of God's word.  

We meet right after the evening service at 7:00 PM in the gym.  If you want to bring a change of clothes, you are welcome to do so.  Just make sure you don't dilly-dally doing it! (Say that 10 times fast!)  We will play a unique game and then have a snack.  Come prepared to hear God's word opened, play a game, and get a good snack.  

spring youth retreat


The youth retreat at SRBC is just around the corner.  Get your retreat form from Pastor Doug as soon as possible or print one here
We will be leaving the church at 5:15 PM and returning Saturday at 3:00 PM.  Bring warm clothes, a sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, change of clothes, toiletries, and your Bible!  If you have any questions about the retreat, please email or call Pastor Doug.
If you can find a group of 6 volleyball players, see Pastor Doug to register your team for the "Spring Zing" volleyball tournament during the retreat.