Truth Trackers

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm - Truth Trackers is a discipleship program for children 3 years old through 6th grade.  This club meets during the school year and has three parts. Game, Lesson and Discipleship (memory) time.

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Family Night is an evening in the middle of the week we strongly encourage you to be apart of if you have the delight of raising a child.  Here is some information about how we want to teach, encourage, train and disciple your family!

Resources - Dad and mom, please take advantage of these resources.  They are free, and they may help you as you seek to train your child in godliness.


Truth Trackers is new and unique children's program that emphasizes discipleship.  Doctrine should be taught systematically and the emphasis should be on how well the child is learning, not just how much!  This is extremely important because when we are faced with a decisions in life, we WILL respond based on either our emotions, fed by our fleshly desires, or upon Truth that has impacted our life.  Truth Trackers simplifies the approach to children's ministry so that families can grow they way God designed them to.

Growing Families is an opportunity for you as a parent or guardian to know God's design for the family, grow by faithfully living it, love others by sacrificing your time to be around and encourage other families, and share how God has radically impacted your family to unsaved friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Learn more here.

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