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Missions Ministry

Our missions policy is to support missionary enterprises and schools that are known to be in hearty agreement with our confession of faith, both in doctrine and in practice, and are Baptistic in name as well as practice.  The only occasional exception might be for projects in our immediate geographical area where no other suitable agency exists to do the same work.  A recent exception (January 2010) was our considerable monetary gift to the Slippery Rock Pregnancy Center for their fund for a sonogram machine.

We are presently supporting missionaries in the following foreign places: Peru, Mexico, St. Vincent/Grenadines, Cameroon, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ivory Coast (Africa), and Romania as well as appointees Chad (Africa).  We also support missionaries in the United States.  We currently support nine retired missionaries, and the general fund of five mission boards, one Baptist college, Baptist Children's Home, and Shepherds Foundation.  A missionary Emergency Fund has been established to help with unforseen things such as natural disasters, etc.  In early, 2011, MEF money and other church funds were sent to Ivory Coast to hepl Christians displaced by political unrest, and to Japan for efforts to help survivors of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Such funds are sent to approved Baptist missions which will not only provide for physical needs, but also spiritual needs.  A Ladies Missionary fellowship corresponds with our various missionary families with cards, letters, and gifts.  

Presently our Missions budge is approximately 18% of our total budget.  To God be the Glory!