Our Mission

It is our desire here at FBC to see people come to know, love, and treasure Jesus Christ.  We believe God has blessed us with the ability to use a variety of ministries to fulfill that goal.  Today there are many people "hungry" for activities and events.  As useful as these programs are, they are just that; programs.  With hearts that have already been molded by the Word of God in our daily life, these ministries open the door  to  exalt God's name higher through worship (Philippians 4:3), edification (Ephesians 4:11-16), fellowship (Hebrews 10:24-25) and evangelism (Acts 1:8). 

Feel free to browse through several of our ministries in the column to the left.  They have all the information you need to understand or get plugged in as well as pictures and other media displaying recent events. 

Understand our Ministries 

To help you learn more about the ministries at First Baptist Church and how to grow in and through them, we have categorized our ministries by their primary purpose.  Although every one of these ministries accomplishes all of these purposes in some way, each ministry focuses on one of these.  On the column to the left, you will see these categories:

              Knowing = Teaching the truths of God

              Growing = Applying the learned truths

              Loving = Encouraging those around us

              Sharing = Evangelizing the lost

To help you understand the kind of involvement each ministry entails, please understand the following.

             Ministries where we encourage you to serve

           *Ministries where we encourage you to participate

         **Ministries that are elected positions

Getting Involved

So how do I get started?  Here is a check list that will help guide you through the process.

1. Read our Church Constitution.  

2. If you are a like-minded believer and can agree with what the church believes as stated in the constitution, fill out a church membership application.  When you have completed it, bring it in to the church office.  Pastor Johnson will receive your application and will take it to the deacons.

3. After Pastor Johnson and the deacons review your application, you will be contacted to see when you could meet with the deacons to share your testimony and areas you'd like to serve.

If you are interested in volunteering with our children or teens...

4. You must fill out three more forms.  Youth Worker Application, Pennsylvania Criminal Record check, and the Pennsylvania Child Abuse clearance.  There is NO COST to you for either state forms.  Simply bring all three back to the church office.

5. Read our Children's Protection Policy (CPP) and attend a CPP training.  We will gladly schedule a individual training with you.  It normally only takes 30 minutes.