Welcome to First Baptist Church

We are an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church in fellowship with the GARBC (General Association of Regular Baptist Churches) and the PARBC (Pennsylvania Association of Regular Baptist Churches). 

For more information about these fellowships, please read their short descriptions below and feel free to browse their websites for further information.   

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches 

Doctrinal identity has historically been important to Baptists. The GARBC places great importance on its statement of faith. Baptist distinctives mark our uniqueness within the broader Christian community.  Taken from the GARBC website.

Pennsylvania Association of Regular Baptist Churches

The Pennsylvania Association of Regular Baptist Churches has been in existence since 1949. The P.A.R.B.C. is the result of a firm conviction of several Baptist pastors. The pastors believed that a blessing and a more effective ministry would result from a state fellowship of fundamental-Bible believing churches. The united testimony of such an association and enlarged opportunities for fellowship should undoubtedly bring glory to the Lord whom we serve. Taken from the PARBC website.